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The pros and cons of whole house surge protectors

Should you opt for whole-house surge protectors or traditional ones? The decision depends on your surge protection needs. Generally, if your home has many hard-wired appliances that power strip surge protectors can’t cover, whole-house surge protectors are a good choice.

Here are three points to consider:

1. Pro – Whole-house surge protectors offer strong surge protection.
2. Con – They are more expensive than traditional surge protectors.
3. Pro – Whole-house surge protectors provide extra peace of mind.

Technology Protection

Modern homes have more technology than ever before. Almost every outlet in today’s household has a computer, pad, or smartphone plugged into it. These devices have important information that needs to be protected should a power surge occur.

National Electrical Code Requirement

Article 230.67 now requires all services supplying dwelling units to be provided with a surge protective device (SPD), as an integral part of equipment or located immediately adjacent. The SPD must be a Type 1 or Type 2 SPD. This requirement applies to residential service equipment being replaced as well.

What causes a power surge?

Surges are commonly associated with storms and lightning, but everyday activities like utility work and high usage periods also cause small surges in buildings. While these may not cause immediate damage, they can reduce the lifespan of your equipment over time. Using whole house surge protective devices is a great way to prevent power surges.

A typical home may have $15,000 worth of sensitive electronics. Many homeowners plug equipment such as laptops and smart TVs into power bars for protection. But those devices only cover the specific equipment plugged into them. Many other items with sensitive electronics built-in, including refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, dishwashers, smart speakers, and HVAC systems can’t be plugged into this type of surge protector.

Regardless of the source of the surge, the only way to protect everything in the house, including hardwired fire alarms and CO2 detectors, is with a whole home surge protection device. Contact Us Today for an estimate!

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