New 240V Lines

Electric Stove Line

Switching to an electric stove and hiring a professional electrician to install a new 240V line and outlet is crucial for safety and efficiency. Electric stoves require substantial power, which standard 120-volt outlets cannot handle. At ProMates we ensure correct wiring, voltage compatibility, and safety measures, minimizing risks. By entrusting the installation to experts, you ensure the safe and efficient operation of your electric stove, making it a wise investment for your kitchen.

Dryer Line

Switching to an electric dryer and having a professional electrician set up a new 240V line and outlet is really important. Electric dryers need a lot of power, more than regular outlets can handle. Additionally, the building code is planning to ban natural gas appliances in 2030, as mandated by the California Air Resources Board. This move is designed to lower the “carbonization” of structures and improve indoor air quality.

EV Charger Line

Our transportation is improving and becoming more comfortable every day. Recently, there are more electric cars on the road because they are becoming more advanced. Electric cars are cost-effective and efficient, but charging them at home with regular outlets can be slow. That’s why we offer the service of installing a dedicated line that can handle a heavier load for charging your EV. Some people prefer to have a hardwired option with a charging station, while others like to have the ability to disconnect a charging cable and take it with them on a road trip. We can help you with either option.

Infratech Patio Heaters Line

Transform your patio into a cozy retreat for relaxing evenings with Infratech heaters and professional installation services. As the sun sets and temperatures drop, extend your outdoor enjoyment with sleek and efficient heaters. Designed to seamlessly blend into your patio space, Infratech heaters provide gentle warmth without the hassle of propane tanks or open flames.

With our expert installation team, you can trust that your heaters will be strategically placed for maximum comfort and efficiency. Whether you prefer ceiling-mounted heaters for unobtrusive warmth or sleek wall-mounted options for a modern aesthetic, we can help you choose the perfect solution to fit your patio’s layout and design.

Air Conditioning Line

Keep your home cool and comfy during hot days with our A/C wire run services. Whether you’re putting in a new air conditioner or upgrading your current one, having the right wiring is super important for it to work well and be safe.

We will ensure that the wires needed to power your A/C are set up properly, choosing the right wires and placing them in the best spots so your A/C runs smoothly and safely.

You can trust us to do a great job and ensure that everything works just right. Don’t sweat it out in the heat—get in touch today to set up your A/C wire run and enjoy a cool home all summer long!

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