Smoke Detectors

When Do You Need to Replace a Smoke Detector?

The typical lifespan of a smoke detector is ten years. You should change your smoke detector every ten years, even if it seems to be functioning fine. If the house you have purchased or rented already has smoke detectors installed, verify the manufacturing date on the device to determine its lifespan. If you can’t provide this kind of information, it is preferable to buy and install a new smoke detector. 

If your smoke detector starts making noises (we all know that beeping), it’s also a sign that you need to get a new one. 

What is Carbon Monoxide Detector?

A carbon monoxide (CO) detector warns you if there’s a dangerous amount of a gas called carbon monoxide in your home. It’s different from a smoke detector, which alerts you to the presence of smoke from fires. Carbon monoxide detectors are important because carbon monoxide is a silent, invisible gas that can make you very sick or even kill you if you breathe too much of it. These detectors help keep you safe by letting you know if there’s too much carbon monoxide in the air.

Where Should I Have It?

The NFPA recommends that you install a carbon monoxide alarm, like smoke alarms, on every level of your home, inside every bedroom, and outside each sleeping area. Make sure carbon monoxide detectors are also installed near attached garages in case a car is left running, and anywhere else the manufacturer recommends.

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